Training and News

AGG Power have been providing high quality training on an international basis. Courses are offered to all our customers and subjects range from introduction to gensets, to more advanced topics for experienced personnel. Unique generator technology training is delivered by committed training staff. Each of our trainers has extensive experience of the product and are specially served in design or manufacturing fields of service and in testing and fault finding.

● Products Communication


Today, we held a Products Communication Meeting with our client's sales and production team, which company is our long-term partner in Indonesia. We have work together so many years, we will come to communicate with them every year. In the meeting we bring our new idea and up-grated products , and they feedback us many markets information. Both of us value more and more year by year with our happy cooperation , and our cooperations become more stable with our deeper mutual understanding.

● Training Day for EPG Sales


Today, Technical Director Mr Xiao and Production Mananger Mr Zhao give a wonderful training to EPG sales team. They explained their own products design concepts and quality control in details.

Our design consider a lot human friendly operation into our products, that is why our gensets are easy to operate and maintain. The material we use are high quality, all have through factory strict QS test. That is why our gensets quality can stain kinds of environment and long life operation.

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